Historic Georgetown County, SC

By Luana M. Graves Sellars

Georgetown County, SC is has a large Gullah Geechee community. Home to over 150 plantations, Georgetown County is an area that most Black American Gullah’s can connect to their lineage. I recently traveled to Georgetown to discover more about my family tree. Here’s my story and cultural connection, called Finding Georgetown.

Thinking about going to Georgetown? There are several incredible cultural attractions that you can experience to learn about the Gullah Geechee culture, the importance of rice and more.

Gullah Museum

Brookgreen Gardens

The Rice Museum

Georgetown County Museum

Tour Sandy Island

As one of three remaining Gullah islands that are only accessible by boat, Sandy Island is a cultural treasure. A must do boat tour with Tours de Sandy Island to the island with Sandy Island native, Captain Rommy guides you through the island’s rich history and into the how the culture is being sustained by today’s Gullah community.

Plantersville Cultural Center

Nestled where the Pee Dee and the Black Rivers merge, Plantervilles is steeped in history and the home to a Historic District of several plantations.

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