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Photo Credit – LMGS | This plaque is posted at the front door of the Bligen’s, a Gullah home on Hilton Head Island.

The loss of historic Gullah land is at a critical state. Gullah families who have lived on land that was purchased by enslaved ancestors over 150 years ago is in jeopardy of being lost forever. Called heirs property, the land has complicated legal entanglements that require specialized genealogical and title research, which takes time and a lot of money in order to obtain a clear title.

What is Heirs Property?

Watch the MSNBC Story on How Gullah Geechee Families are Losing their Land and Wealth click here.

Your tax free donation assists Gullah families with the enormous financial strains that are associated with holding on to the greatest cultural assets that’s left, land.

The Lowcountry Gullah Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that has developed the Historic Gullah Land Preservation Program specifically designed to preserve and protect historic Gullah land from being a part of the annual loss at the tax sale or other financial means. The program is not meant to be a crutch, it was developed to create solutions for heirs property and all of the issues, including financial, that come along with it.

For more information about Heirs Property and the history behind it, click here.

Article | No Gullah Land on Hilton Head Auctioned Off at 2021 Tax Sale – Island Packet Newspaper October 2021

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Thanks in advance for helping to make a difference.

The Lowcountry Gullah Foundation is a 501(c) 3 organization.

213 William Hilton Parkway, Hilton Head, South Carolina 29925 | 843.715.3506

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